Khashir El'eth

A student of storms and shadows.


Khashir left the Underdark to seek resources for his groups’ uprising. They aim to free Sehanine and Eilistraee’s followers from Lolth’s influence, carving a haven for Drow who believe freedom, not murder, is the foundation for society.

For years, the group organized secret gatherings across the Planes, meeting in different places each time. Recently, they’ve been emboldened by rumours of Eilistraee’s return, and when one of her clerics was visited by the goddess, they knew it was time to act.

Khashir is one of many agents sent to the surface, to procure equipment, magical resources, and allies, to help the revolt.

Further, for reasons unknown, he is obsessively searching for a 50 GP diamond, sometimes forgetting his main goal. Anyone within earshot can sometimes hear him whisper…

‘my precious…’

Khashir El'eth

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