Kyou Kai

Mysterious Lady


Wears her hair in a ponytail decorated with ribbons.
Always wears a large scarf that covers her face partially.
Both the scarf and ribbon contain a odd set of characters (potential hook meaning)


What she’s shared so far:

Descending from a old (but humble) Mulhorand Mulan family that settled in Chessenta to work as sea traders and craftmen, Kyou was sent off at a very young age to be trained as part of a secret clan of female assassins. Failing to accept the realities of the clan (after realizing most of the contracts came from clergy and politicians), powerful men and women with the resources to pay the secretive assassins led to constant internal rivalries (potential nemesis) inside the clan.

After refusing to kill a rogue sorceror (hook?) who was stealing food and gold from a regional lord, Kyou Kai escaped from the clan towards her old family house by the sea. When she arrived however, what she found was a burnt house… and two charred bodies of what once was her family hanged from the broken ceiling.
After tracking down the killers, she found (nemesis) leading them, but before she could get to (nemesis) she had to fight 5 clan assassins on her own. Barely surviving the encounter she passed out, bleeding, left to die by the shore.

Next thing she knew, the smell of sea and the sound of seagulls awoke her. She was being cared for in a mercenary ship who sold its skills to whoever would pay the bills. Recognizing her dress style as that of fabled assasin’s they took her in, in hops that she’d, in turn, help them against pirates.
Forever indebted with her rescuers (past hook) she spent the next years of her life sailing and applying her skills to wherever her captain and crew took her, always promising herself that she would one day grow strong enough to find her clan again and get justice for her parents.

Until one day…

When she felt ready to start her hunt, with the captains blessing, she left her beloved crew in search of adventure… and justice.

She keeps woodwork and the sea close to her heart as a reminder of her family’s craft, and the promise of a calmer live not meant for her.

Kyou Kai

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