D&D of Dreams

Kyou Kai's Diary (Day 4)

another fight, another death

Day 4

- Another day, another awesome flip jump! jumped over black and blue dudes, the latter, which for some reason was prone, made it look almost choreographed. sweet.

- Wacked another goblin in the head, went down in one hit. Might be growing out of goblins being a problem. Strength in training.

- Had 2 arrows thrown at me, dodged like a boss. ninja shrug

- Saw a angry wolf, tried to smack him but missed, i blame the awkward positioning between stalagnites, need to pay better attention to my surroundings.

- Dodged a wolf’s bite. ninja yawn

- A Huge owlbear (?) attacked me with the might of a thousand suns, i would’ve sworn i was dead but i was Lucky and dodged!
Mental note: Avoid guys named Klarg.

- Hit the damn wolf, this time for good, saw it briefly limp while i decided to move away but big owlbear swinged and hit me hard, i survived though!

- Wolf took a bite at me after i stumbled from Klargs hit, i passed out.

- mental note: wolfs are assholes.

so i finally get over my goblin trauma and now a wolf kills me?
i am definitely not ready to pursue my revenge on my ex-clan. Need to learn how to cook wolf-stew first.


Save some stew for me 8-)

Kyou Kai's Diary (Day 4)

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