D&D of Dreams

Kyou Kai's Diary (Day 5)

a slow day

Day 5

So apparently this guys forgot to revive me, now they all rolled down a chute, having fun killing wolves, and i’m left half dead.

Was bored, decided to drink a random vial in the most stylish ninja manner ever. Guys took care of pack of wolves. Hopefully we dine stew tonight ;)

Found a hidden stash of goblins… guys apparently wanted to negotiate something something, these guys all went in and killed everything before i could do much. well, not true, i got to miss numerous times to a goblin, finally punching him to death. barely.

I feel this last few days have been very productive overall to my internal growth. I can finally feel some of the ki as my masters taught me, hopefully i’ll learn to manage it in productive ways. Also, I’ve realized i can move a bit faster now, if unhindered, as i saw the expert assassins move… interesting.

We’ll need to experiment more


Feel the ki flow through you…

Kyou Kai's Diary (Day 5)

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