D&D of Dreams

Kyou Kai's Diary (Days 1-3)

Humble Beginnings

As seen on Kyou Kai’s Diary:

Scribbled around the first page: “Rock seekers has some pretty good happy hours”

- Day 1: killed on round one by 4 Goblins. should aspire for better performance in the coming days. Still no closer to the adventures id hoped for.

- Day 2: Zarvir didn’t let me get on the wagon even after almost dying on my first fight. This new comrades are cold…
- Phandalin seems dull, drinks ain’t so good.

- Day 3: Woke up drunk. Was walking with the crew and didn’t know why.

- Met some goblins on the forest, they managed to once again ambush us and they hit a couple of my friends. Old fears come to mind as my body freezes remembering how hard i was hit 2 days ago.
Must remember training.
Made a real awesome ninja jump into a platform.. finally all that ninja training paid off… then a half dead goblin wacks me hard in the head, of course. Luckily i react on time and hit back with a Lucky Shot. Killed him.

Goblins: 1.
Kyou Kai: 1

- Met more goblins in a dark lair. Haven’t gotten a chance to flex muscles again, can’t wait.


LOL, flex those bum muscles away from the wolf!

Kyou Kai's Diary (Days 1-3)

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